Solutions - KSK Accounting


Sometimes a business needs more than just tracking and reporting


Month-to-Month Bookkeeping

In order for your business to run smoothly you need accurate financial reporting.

We provide in-depth analysis of your financial activities, then create financial statements and reports so you can spend more time focusing on your business goals.

We also help to provide you with a better understanding of your books throughout the year, so you can plan for a greater future for your company.

Have you been operating without properly recording your transactions?

Sometimes as a business owner, you put all your focus in your craft, and it sometimes prevents you from keeping accurate records of your accounts and finances.

Accounts Clean-Up

We can review your accounts and transaction history and get them organized.

  • We start with a discovery call to learn about your regular transactions and activities
  • Next, we evaluate your process, categorize your transactions for the year, place them in their respective report/document
  • We then create measures to improve and keep your books organized

Tax Preparation

We provide tax preparation for individuals and businesses

We will determine the best strategy to reduce your tax liability and locate potential tax credits.

We also provide tax resolutions for clients who may have IRS problems and have not developed an understanding of their situation.

We will work to solve the problem permanently and get you the lowest allowed tax liability.


Are You a DIY Person?

If you’re a business owner looking for more hands-on solutions, we provide a session that teaches you the basic principles and techniques to organizing your finances using QuickBooks.